Are you bonded and insured?
Tree Tails is fully bonded and insured through The Verge Insurance Group. The policy is designed specifically for pet sitters and dog walkers.

What is Pet first aid and CPR?
Training in Pet First Aid and CPR is a two day course offered through Oakland Education Services. It covered how to handle an animal in emergencies such as choking, inducing vomiting in appropriate situations, treating animals for shock, bandaging an injured animal for transport to vet, ect. The training provides the necessary skills to deal with an emergency in an appropriate manner.

Will you look after my snake, chinchilla, hamster…?
At Tree Tails we have experience in all kinds of animals, not just cats and dogs. We aren’t squeamish and will do our best to educate ourselves if we donĀ¹t have firsthand knowledge about your particular pet already.

Will you feed my dog before or after walks?
Tree Tails will feed your dog upon your request. If your dog is a very slow eater requiring more than 10 minutes of time, the walk may be shortened to accommodate time restraints. Tree Tails will always change the water for all clients after all walks at no extra cost.

Will you let my dog off leash?
It takes time to establish a trusting relationship with any animal and until walker and dog are both comfortable, a leash will be used. Better safe than sorry.