Tree Tails is owned and operated by Teresa Fulker, a life long pet lover and owner. Working full time as a race horse groom for Dr. John Hayes, DVM gave her the experience needed to deal with any situation that can arise working with animals.

Tree Tails strives to give our clients and their cherished pets peace of mind. We do this by offering safe, reliable, attentive and trustworthy care when our clients need it most. We assist busy and responsible pet owners by offering last minute after work visits as well as regular daytime dog walks. This ensures that our clients’ pets have a healthy, active and satisfying life.

Since 2003, Teresa has enjoyed many challenges and rewards working with a variety of pets in Downtown Toronto.

Tree Tails is a member of the Toronto Dog Walkers Association. Tree Tails long-standing clients can provide referrals upon request.

“Getting ready to go on vacation can be

stressful, but one thing I never have to worry about is the care of my two kitties, Molly and Lola. Teresa and Adriana are incredibly caring, professional and reliable — so much so that I don’t think my cats even miss me while I’m gone!

— Maureen, Molly & Lola

“My husband and I have 3 special cats

whom we love very much (Charlie, Azrielle and Tommy). We used to have to board them when we went away which was very hard on us and especially hard on the “kids”. Then we found Teresa, owner of Tree Tails. She is absolutely fantastic and her love of animals is obvious. The minute she walked in the door for the first consultation, the cats immediately took to her (and we all know animals are the best judges of people!). She affectionately refers to our cats as the “crew” and the crew is very happy and healthy under her care. While we are away, Teresa goes out of her way to make sure that we are at ease and are kept in the loop regarding the daily “crew’ activities. Tree Tails services are 100% reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and extremely caring towards both pets and pet parents. I would recommend Tree Tails to anyone who expects top-notch at-home pet care services.

— Lauren, Nic & CAT (Charlie, Azrielle, Tommy)